Our Cleaning Process Removes the soil not rearrange it.

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Our main method of carpet cleaning utilizes a powerful van mounted\npower plant connected to a RX20 rotary jet extractor and a s-curve wand.

For high rise buildings or enclosed malls we incorporate a highly efficient portable extractor.

We repair seams, torn or ripped carpet, unraveled Berber and tares caused by pets.

The removal of wrinkles, buckles, bulges and waves. tightening of lose carpet.

Stretching carpet back to wall or hard surfaced floor after it has been disengaged from tack strips.

Removal of damaged carpet areas and plugging with matching pieces of scrap carpet or carpet taken from a closet.

Your upholstery will clean beautifully and dry quickly with the patented Dry Master System that we are so proud of.

Many odors will be flushed away with our steam extraction system  Some odors will require chemical treatments such as Antimicrobials, Deodorizers, Disinfectants, Enzymes and Ozone treatments.


Some companies hate to clean Berber carpets. Some companies refuse to repair Berber carpets. At HOPE CARPET CLEANING we LOVE to clean and repair Berber carpeting!!!